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Bob Proctor – The Best Law of Attraction Video Ever


The LAW OF VIBRATION describes the distinction in between mind as well as
issue– in between the non-physical and also physical.
Under the LAW OF VIBRATION we discover that every little thing shakes, absolutely nothing
Every little thing is in continuous activity. From the psychological to the grossest kind of issue, all is in resonance.
Finishing in between the most affordable as well as the greatest kind of resonance, there are millions after countless differing levels. From the electron to deep space, every little thing remains in vibratory activity; power appearing in all differing levels of resonance.

Motivation Zone is not the proprietor of this video clip: We have actually simply discussed it to aid make a favorable weather change worldwide, for even more information concerning Bob Proctor’s programs as well as training please check out the Proctor Gallagher Institute authorities site at:

Thanks BobProctor for being such as well as motivation and also for bringing The Law of Attraction right into countless lives!


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