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How to Change Your Life By Changing Your Frequency

When you change your personal energy frequency you literally start to change your life. Christie Sheldon has personally raised the abundance frequencies of over 25,000 people resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in NEW abundance for them. And she??s identified 24 common abundance blocks that are stopping people from enjoying the abundance they deserve. […]

Inspiration – Your Ultimate Calling – Wayne Dyer

Bob Proctor – The Best Law of Attraction Video Ever

The LAW OF VIBRATION describes the distinction in between mind as well as issue– in between the non-physical and also physical. Under the LAW OF VIBRATION we discover that every little thing shakes, absolutely nothing Every little thing is in continuous activity. From the psychological to the grossest kind of issue, all is in resonance. […]

HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit with John Hope Bryant and Russell Simmons