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Developing The Attitude for success – LES BROWN

Attitude determines altitude. You have to be willing to look within to discover your inner talents and abilities. Once you discover your talents make it your life work to master it. Les Brown delivers a powerful motivational talk that will help you to develop the faith and self-belief to master your talents, and develop your […]

HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit with John Hope Bryant and Russell Simmons

Inspirational videos/Speech for success in life Compilation 2016

Inspirational videos/Speech for success in life 2016 Compilation (45 Min Long). This is the very best inspiration collection of 2016 for success in life, this collection of inspirations of speeches has much of our ideal 2016 video clips and also motivational tracks, this inspirational video clips include optimal inspirational speeches…

BREAK THE BAD HABITS – Motivational Video 2017