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Best Motivational Speeches Video Compilation

This brilliantly crafted video of motivational speeches will get you fired up and ready to tackle the challenges of life as you journey towards achieving your goals. Videos: Your Next Chapter by Ashley Zahabian: Have The Guts by Your World Within: How by MulliganBrothers: Go Through It by Ashley Zahabian Decide To Act by Video […]

Eric Thomas & Les Brown | I’AM A WINNER (Motivational Speech)

Jim Carrey – Energy of Life|Spiritual Message

“Once you know you’re total, after that this life as well as every little thing in it ends up being a play of kind” – Jim Carrey Subscribe for even more motivating video clips: www.youtube.com/thejourneyofpurpose Facebook: www.facebook.com/thejourneyofpurpose TJOP takes no credit rating for songs and even videos in this discussion,…

Inspiration – Your Ultimate Calling – Wayne Dyer