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The Journey Within – The Power of Cosmic Energy and Meditation


This is a meditation program to take you through the different stages of spiritual enlightenment.

“Cosmic energy is an important facet of spiritual meditation and deals with using cosmic energy, which exists in our cosmos. Cosmic energy is referred to as the life force and the energy that maintains the balance of the entire cosmos.

Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of supreme consciousness and intelligence and we are surrounded by it
everywhere and all the time. Earth energy is part of it and it’s usually recognized as Mother Earth or Gaia.”
Marwa Kreidieh

The Power Of Cosmic Energy And How It Relates To Meditation

Importance of Cosmic Energy & the need for Meditation

Spiritual Healing For you

Recharging the Body With Cosmic Energy

What is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Energy: How to Harness the Invisible Power Around You to Transform Your Life (Google Books)

The Physical Universe is an Information System

Proof That The Human Body Is A Projection Of Consciousness

Cosmic Energy Meditation Music

Etheric Energy

Theta meditation system 2.0 – Jeffrey D Thompson

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson – Still Impressions

Jeffrey Thompson – Child of a Dream

Free Meditation Music


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